Eelgrass follow-up

During the development of the Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle hydroelectric power generating stations and the Rupert River diversion, the Société d'énergie de la Baie James (SEBJ) and Hydro Québec submitted an ...

Tree-Stump Removal

Extract stumps in forests to recover the fiber and convert it into chips for pulp and paper.

Installation of 8 Bailey Bridges

Site preparation, installation and assembly of 8 Bailey bridges, and dismantling for the construction of weirs on the Rupert River in James Bay.

Access Road Construction

Plans and profiles, road optimization, identification of borrow pits, construction of the access road to the mine and construction surveying. Mandate carried out under extreme climatic conditions (winter). ...

Ice Cover Monitoring

Ice cover monitoring is used to document changes to the ice cover under operating conditions along the Rupert River floodway and offer support to Cree communities and trappers in their efforts to assess ...

Bathymetric Surveys at KP 20.4

The purpose of the study was to describe the bathymetry of the Rupert River to establish a reference and plan subsequent work prior to laying out the rock blanket at the KP 20.4 in the fall of 2009. The ...

Saline Water Intrusion Monitoring in Rupert Bay

The main objectives of this monitoring program were to validate changes anticipated in the impact study in terms of oceanographic (saline gradient) and hydraulic (water level) conditions in the Rupert ...

Production of Clearing Maps

Production of maps for the clearing works carried out by land owners for the Saint-Laurent pipeline right-of-way clearing project.

Water Safety

Surveillance of heavy equipement work carried out near water bodies. Surveillance carried out at a 100% by Crees.

Opinaca Mine Project Management

Estimation, completion and management of various civil engineering projects at the Opinaca Mine and Éléonore project for Goldcorp. All these projects were carried out in association with Tawich Construction, ...