Our integrated know-how allows us to perform follow-ups and studies for important projects related to wildlife and environment, whether it is for private or public agencies, or for First Nations. Our approach favours the participation of communities, through local labour, training or knowledge transfer. Le groupe Desfor is committed to respecting environmental requirements while considering economic and social issues of every project.


Environmental Assessments & Monitoring

  • Environmental and social impact studies
  • Permits requests and environmental authorization certificates
  • Strategic coaching for environmental authorization process
    (federal and provincial)
  • Site environmental assessments
  • Works environmental surveillance
  • Environmental compliance audits

Field Surveys & Environment Inventory

  • Specialized inventories in botanics, fauna and aquatic environments
  • Environmental follow-ups (aquatic, wildlife, etc.)
  • Bathymetry surveys
  • Determination of water high natural line
  • Lakes and water course ecological diagnosis

Conservation & Compensation Plans

  • Conservation plans and characterization of wetlands and water bodies
  • Habitat compensation management (fish and wetlands)
  • Plans and specifications for the rehabilitation of affected sites

Interventions in Indigenous Environments

  • Consultations and surveys in Indigenous communities
  • Tailored training in Indigenous communities
Inventaire de la faune terrestre

Fauna inventories

Waswanipi Marten Observation Project

Underwater acoustic study