Our multidisciplinary team composed of forest engineers, photo-interpreters and forest technicians can answer all your needs in forestry. Whether it is in urban areas, rural areas or in the boreal forest, we are committed in applying sustainable development strategies in all our projects. Based on the nature of the works, our civil engineers, biologists and technicians can collaborate with our forestry team.


Forestry Services

  • Assessments and expertise
  • Clearing plans and specifications
  • Turnkey harvesting project
  • Photo-interpretation and mapping
  • Geomorphology
  • Forest planning
  • Ecoforestry, wildlife and flora inventories
  • Economic and feasibility studies

Forest Roads (all seasons)

  • Road construction
  • Road routes implementation and optimization
  • Plans and profiles
  • Borrow pit localization
  • Bridges and culverts
  • Ice bridges

Drone Surveys

  • Volume calculations for piles of wood, gravel, woodchips, etc.
  • Flyover of inaccessible areas
  • 3D modelization for road planning
  • Inspection of infrastructures
  • Survey of harvested areas
  • Spacing between hauling trails

Urban Forestry

  • Predevelopment tree study
  • Trees and wooded areas diagnose inventories
  • Emerald ash borer management plan
  • Urban wood management
  • Tree intervention prescriptions
  • Surveillance of silviculture works
  • Preventive treatments against the emerald ash borer
  • Control measures for invasive species
  • Ornamental and street trees assessment
    (monetary, damages, health condition, protection)
  • Professional expertise (expropriation, disputes and arbitration)
  • Entomology and pathology


  • Certification (SFI, FSC, ISO)
  • Chain of custody
  • Comparative analysis
  • Management system development