Geomatics and surveying

Le groupe Desfor offers geomatics and surveying services to all its clients, in urban or remote areas, whether it is for surveying, mapping or imagery needs, through traditional methods, high-precision GPS or drones. Our team can help you for design development studies, follow-ups or supervision phases. Furthermore, the leading-edge software tools we use, such as Civil3D, ARCGIS, PIX4D ensure high-end results. Our professionals will be able to help you chose the best methodology and technology to answer your needs.



  • Technical surveys
  • Borrow pits localization
  • Construction surveying
  • As-built surveys and plans
  • Topographic surveys
  • Bathymetry

Digital mapping

  • Aerial photos orthorectification
  • Mapping updating through orthophotography
  • Topology structuring
  • Watershed studies
  • Surface or linear measures
  • Intervention report

Drone Surveys

  • Volume calculations for piles of wood, gravel, woodchips, etc.
  • Flyover of inaccessible areas
  • 3D modelization for road planning
  • Inspection of infrastructures
  • Survey of harvested areas
  • Spacing between hauling trails